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orange square "The tailor-made strategies and techniques Kat has woven together for me have helped lessen the impact of my ADHD symptoms in both my personal and professional lives. I attribute my success to Kat's genuine interest in my unique needs and learning style. She provides a safe and comfortable space for me to explore and reach my goals."
- J. Bolnick

orange square  "Within just a few months of working with Kat, I definitely feel more organized. But it's more than that. I also feel free. My brain feels less crowded because I've learned how to think about one thing at a time and how to be more present."
- J. Stamper

orange square  "Kat has helped me discover my natural gifts, strengths, and values in a new way. I now have a greater sense of direction and more excitement for my future."
- D. Schroeder

orange square"I just wanted to let you know that I truly believe that my son is in the best place that he's ever been in. Our relationship has greatly improved. The tension about school has subsided, and he's shown a dedication that we haven't seen before. THANK YOU!"
- H. Benzie

orange square  "I never thought I'd get beyond my impulsive spending, but with Kat's coaching, I now have less clutter, more money, and a happier husband!"
- K. Harvey


What the Experts Have to Say About ADD Coaching

orange square "Coaching is wonderful for those with ADHD because it gets to all the nitty, gritty stuff that medication does not address. Medication can reduce the symptoms of ADHA and help you concentrate, but it doesn't teach you how to get organized or get that better job."
- Patricia Quinn, MD

orange square  "Coaching is the single most effective tool in ADD self-management."
- Edward M. Hallowell, MD

orange square  "For adults with ADHD who absolutely need external structure to function well, coaches can make a tremendous difference and provide a critical link on their road to success."
- Sari Solden, MS, LFMT

orange square  "Coaching allows the student to form habits to get things done in a more balanced and organized manner and, in the process, to learn more about what works and doesn't. A coaching relationship can provide student with the tools they need to conquer the symptoms of AD/HD. Above all, coaching can give hope that the future will be different from the past."
- Quinn, Ratey, & Maitla

orange square  "Coaching is a highly effective intervention and support mechanism. When combined with other more traditional approaches, including medication and therapy, coaching will help students with ADHD to achieve their full potential in academic, social and other life pursuits."
- Keath Low, MA


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ADHD Resources

Here you'll find a variety of websites, facts, articles, iphone apps, and other professionals that you may find helpful.

These resources will be updated periodically, so please check back often so that you don't miss out on any.

If you know of additional resources that you feel would be beneficial to share with others, or If you find a link that no longer takes you to the page you were seeking, please let me know by sending an email with the corresponding links by clicking here.

ADHD Articles:

10 Symptoms of Adult ADHD

Help for Adult ADD/ADHD: Tips for Managing Sumptoms and Getting Focused by Jocelyn Block M.A. & Melinda Smith, M.A.

What's It Like To Have ADD? by Edward M. Hallowell, MD

Genetics of AD/HD by the National Institute of Health

AD/HD Organizations:

CHADD - Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder

National Resource Center on AD/HD

ADDA - Attention Deficit Disorder Association

ADHD Magazines:

ADDitude Magazine

ADHD Podcasts:

Attention Talk Radio - Host Jeff Copper

ADHD Support Talk Radio - Host Tara McGillicuddy

Online ADHD Communities & Forums:

ADDerWorld ADD ADHD Online Network Community

ADD Forums - Adults with ADD

iPhone Apps You May Find Helpful: (Please go to iTunes for details)

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