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orange square "The tailor-made strategies and techniques Kat has woven together for me have helped lessen the impact of my ADHD symptoms in both my personal and professional lives. I attribute my success to Kat's genuine interest in my unique needs and learning style. She provides a safe and comfortable space for me to explore and reach my goals."
- J. Bolnick

orange square  "Within just a few months of working with Kat, I definitely feel more organized. But it's more than that. I also feel free. My brain feels less crowded because I've learned how to think about one thing at a time and how to be more present."
- J. Stamper

orange square  "Kat has helped me discover my natural gifts, strengths, and values in a new way. I now have a greater sense of direction and more excitement for my future."
- D. Schroeder

orange square"I just wanted to let you know that I truly believe that my son is in the best place that he's ever been in. Our relationship has greatly improved. The tension about school has subsided, and he's shown a dedication that we haven't seen before. THANK YOU!"
- H. Benzie

orange square  "I never thought I'd get beyond my impulsive spending, but with Kat's coaching, I now have less clutter, more money, and a happier husband!"
K. Harvey

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How ADHD Coaching Works

Most of my coaching is done over the phone or video conferencing via Zoom. This way I can help people all over the United States. My clients can be at home, school, in a coffee house, out in nature, or anywhere else during our sessions.

I also offer in-person coaching for adults and college students in Laguna Beach, CA and surrounding areas within a 10 mile radius.

Initial Meeting

We begin with an initial 1-2 hour meeting to talk about how your unique ADHD symptoms affect your life. We'll review your overall goals for coaching, discusss your personal strengths and values, establish a coaching schedule, and clarify the details of the coaching process.

Ongoing Coaching Sessions

The ongoing coaching sessions are completed during a pre-scheduled weekly appointment. The sessions last approximately 40-50 minutes in length.

I offer two different options depending on your needs: either the Four Session Per Month or the Two Session Per Month option.

With either option, we work on the things YOU want to work on each session. We'll look at what seems to be getting in your way of what you want to achieve, set some goals, and then begin to build the strategies and solutions that most help you and fit your lifestyle. We'll come up with some specific actions for you to carry out between sessions. We'll discuss how those things are working for you and make adjustments along the way.

Between Sessions   squirrel

To keep you on track and supported, I offer accountability check-ins as often as daily in addition to unlimited email and text messages at no additional charge between our sessions. Because each of my clients and their goals are unique, you'll be the one to decide how much support and accountability you want each week.

Duration of the Coaching Relationship

I ask for a minimum commitment of 3 months of coaching after the initial meeting. The total length of a coaching partnership can vary and is based on the indivdual goals and motivation of the client.

It can typically take anywhere from 3 months to 2 years to develop the necessary skills and habits for long-term change.

Keep in mind that those who come to coaching ready to fully participate in the process benefit the most.

How Much It Costs

Four Sessions Per Month

Includes four 40-50 minute sessions per month, accountability check-ins as often as daily, and unlimited email support throughout the month.

Cost: $400 per month + a one-time fee of $145 for our initial 1-2 hour meeting.


Two Sessions Per Month

Includes two 40-50 minute sessions per month, accountability check-ins as often as daily, and unlimited email support throughout the month.

Cost: $280 per month + a one-time fee of $145 for our initial 1-2 hour meeting.


When you ask yourself, "Can I afford to do this?" also ask yourself, "Can I afford not to do this?"

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