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Kat Beers-McCormick

About Kat

One of the most critical factors, if not the most critical factor, in coaching is a good fit between the coach and client.

Prior to working with a new client, I ask to spend a few minutes talking and getting to know one another to make sure that we're a good match for a coaching partnership. I'll also go over the coaching procedure and answer questions. This conversation is absolutely free of charge.

Before you call or email me, take a few minutes to read the information here to get to know me a bit.

I'm in love with my life. It took awhile, but I've learned who I am, what my values and signature strengths are, and how to braid all of it together to be my authentic, happy self.

I'm a woman who adores helping others. I've got a knack for connecting with people and really hearing what matters most to them. I have a zest for life and am intensely curious about absolutely everything. I mix my serious love of learning with playfulness and humor. My highest values are compassion, happiness, acceptance, creativity, respect, and tenacity.

When I'm not coaching, you'll most often find me at my woodworking bench. I work only with hand tools, many of which are over 100 years old. I build wooden tools and have built some wooden instruments. I write poetry, dress comfortably, enjoy hiking and swimming, and I play six musical instruments. I'm a left-handed Buddhist with ADHD. I'm a mom to a grown son whom I adore. I'm living happily ever after with my true love under warm blue skies in Laguna Beach, California.

I earned a bachelor's degree, Magna Cum Laude, in psychology and was halfway through a master's in family therapy when I realized that I was much too future minded to be a therapist. I redirected my learning toward becoming a certified ADD coach where I could help clients move forward in positive change. It's a thrill to do what I do for a living, to join my clients in exploring and experimenting with various solutions and strategies that help them move beyond the limiting beliefs and ADHD symptoms that can interfere with their happiness and success.

It's my complete pleasure to follow the ongoing research and literature about ADHD and positive psychology coaching. I am a collector of effective resources, powerful questions, and fresh perspectives.

I'm never finished growing and connecting with others. I love that children and my clients are often my best teachers. And most of all, I'm excited to meet you!

Why I Coach

It is for the same reason that I slow my steps in thick, green grass
Being careful not to tread upon the caterpillar just beyond the dandelion.
I am not separate from you
Or from the blue iris against the white fence.
We are each learning that
As time unfolds
And the appropriate resources appear
We will transform into our most splendid selves.
I have realized that like the sparrow
I, too, cannot silence my intrinsic song -
The song that encourages all to manifest
Their unique and beautiful lives
And discover true happiness.

Kat Beers-McCormick

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